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Methanex United | Kick for a Cure | Raising Funds for the Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program at BC Children's Hospital

Methanex United

KFAC 2020 | Goal: $30,000.00

Raised so far:



This is the Methanex teams's 11th year supporting the Kick for a Cure event and the Michael Cuccione Foundation in the fight against childhood cancer. All funds raised on our team page will be matched by Methanex Corporation.

Team Fundraising Goal: $30,000.00

Rasied so far: $1,000.00

Just $29,000.00 more to go...

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Our Players

Web Page
Jamil Samji
Nathan Jakubec

It's for the Kids!

About Our Team

Organization / School: Methanex Corporation
Coach: Jamil Samji Captain:

KFAC 2020

Online at www.KickForACure.ca