Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I post my video?
Instagram & Facebook are recommended but your favourite social media platform is fine!

When I register a team, does every player get to create their own page?
Yes, when you register a team, you can then send other team-mates a link to join (or they can search your team name)

On a team, will each individual's donations be recorded separately or just a team total?
Individual team-members totals raised will be recorded under their individual page, and the funds they raise will reflect in the team total.

What if I don't want to create a video but want to help?
You can help by donating today or registering a personal fundraising page and requesting donations. You can also encourage your family, friends or work place to setup a team fundraising page.

When does the Kick For A cure Challenge start & end?
Starts July 1 and ends July 31, 2021 (midnight). Donations to the challenge will start in June with the Kick For A Cure Euro Cup Pool.

How can I provide a corporate donation?
Corporations may donate online or inquire about sponsorship packages at