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Proceeds go towards the Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program at BC Children's Hospital

Through 'Kick for a Cure' we are funding childhood cancer research and making a difference in the lives of children.

Diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at the age of nine, Michael Cuccione pledged to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer. He accomplished much in his short life and won his battle with cancer but passed away at the age of 16 due to side effects from his treatments. Michael imagined a world without childhood cancer and from his vision of hope the Michael Cuccione Foundation was established 25 years ago. The cancer did not stop Michael's dream of finding a cure and that is where another young boy became a part of Michael's dream.

Domenic Runghen was diagnosed with cancer at 3 years old and was the inspiration behind a soccer fest started by his parents in 2008 to raise funds for childhood cancer. The Michael Cuccione Foundation, a charity dedicated to childhood cancer research, came on board and the “Kick for a Cure' was born. Today, Dominic is a healthy, active and avid soccer player enjoying life to the fullest. He is one of the success stories reminding us that research is making a difference!


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