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The Michael Cuccione Foundation

Proceeds from Kick For a Cure go towards the Michael Cuccione Laboratory at the Research Institute at BC Children’s Hospital.
Hundreds of children are diagnosed with cancer every year across North America; many lose their battle. Currently, cancer funding is primarily directed towards identifying the underlying causes of adult forms of cancer; little emphasis is placed on paediatric cancer research. What if the cure is within a child?

Sponsor a Team or Player

Dozens of teams and hundreds of players will be taking part in the adult tournament on July 20th. Each one of those people is playing to help continue the fight against childhood cancer. Even if you are not playing or able to attend these teams can still benefit from your contribution. If you would like to support a specific team or player please consider sponsoring them.

Donate to The Michael Cuccione Foundation

By making a donation, you will help transform the lives of countless thousands of children affected by cancer. Every dollar you raise will bring our shared dream of a world free from childhood cancer one step closer. Whether you make an individual, a group or a corporate donation, you will make a huge difference in the number of kids whose lives have been affected forever.
Since its inception in 1997, the Michael Cuccione Foundation has raised funds from generous individuals and corporations to support clinical and scientific researchers whom are working to eradicate childhood cancer. By donating to the Michael Cuccione Foundation, you will become a part of this mission, as you fight alongside children who are battling this disease right now. Your donation will help us win this fight, as it will bring us one-step closer to locking the door on childhood cancer.